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Driver Solutions

Michael Downey has brought several class-action claims against Driver Solutions, LLC relating to its truck driving school in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Driver Solutions advertises that it provides "company-paid training" for an up-to-$50,000.00 per year job as a commercial truck driver. But the job pays nowhere near $50,000, and students are on the hook for exorbinent tuition charges and usurious interest charges if they do not work for extremely low wages for a year with the assigned carrier.

Driver Solutions also engages in abusive and illegal collection tactics. When attempting to collect, Driver Solutions demands more money than its company records says it is owed. When Driver Solutions sues its former students, it does not properly serve them with the complaint. In fact, Driver Solutions frequently obtains default judgments knowing that it failed to serve the correct individual.

The proposed class includes all individuals who attended Driver Solutions' "company-paid training" in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and who did not complete one year of employment with the carrier. Downey seeks a return of his out-of-pocket expenses incurred in attending Driver Solutions “company-paid training,” a return of all tuition, a declaration that the contract with Driver Solutions is void and unenforcable, and an injunction prohibiting Driver Solutions from enforcing the contract in the future. Downey also seeks punitive damages, costs, expenses, and reasonable attorneys' fees.

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